Celebrate small business week, implement a small businesses mindset and revive your day to day!

Small businesses aren’t cookie cutters. They require unique, out of the box thinking to thrive in this online, big box world we live in. As small business week ends, keep that unique spirit alive with your teams big or small. Think like a small business. Ask for unique perspectives from yourself and your teams. It’s true, even from the 3,000 th cubical on the 20th floor, it’s possible to bring the small business ideology to day to day tasks!

How to bring small business thinking to any situation:

  1. Identify a routine task, process or project
  2. Ask yourself how many unique perspectives you have around you
    1. HINT: add up all the people involved directly and indirectly
  3. Ask yourself if you’ve ever challenged the team for new ideas
    1. Think also about how many new ideas you’ve ever agreed to or implemented
    2. HINT: The impact of your answer to a. may require more work on your part to open the team up to this new approach. Ask yourself if you’ve ever challenged the team for new ideas
  4.  Ask the team for new ideas
    1. Accept the new ideas
    2. HINT: Accepting the new ideas will drive more participation and more unique ideas
  5.  New ideas will bring a unique brand and excitement to the group
  6. Unique branding and excitement will lead to engagement and fuel further new ideas

Think about your role in your business. Are you going about the tasks or excited? If you are more task driven and less energized, champion a new way of thinking. At Ace, we like to act local and think global.  It’s how David beat Goliath, and how our little guy entrepreneurs win out over big box stores and online retailing. We all know there is great importance in operational efficiencies, best practices and procedures; just don’t get lost in them. Think like a small business and try applying a unique perspective to liven up a routine task.

The Ace Center For Excellence celebrates the continued success of Ace’s small businesses. Within the larger efficiencies of our cooperative, the heart of the small business beats strong! We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about a time you’ve thought like a small business to make everyday tasks unique!

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