April 2017 marks The Ace Center For Excellence 2 Year Anniversary

How we got there

As we reflect on the last two years, we can’t help but also proudly reflect on Ace’s many successes, especially in sales and customer satisfaction. Most recently we received top marks in the 2017 Temkin Experience Rating and Top 10 in the January publication of the Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500. Ace also recently celebrated the opening of its 5000 store.

Our strategy

We all realize that success requires learning from the past and creating strategies for the future. Rather than sit back and revel in our victories, the Ace team continues to strategize against the soaring success of online retailing by bringing to life our unique weapons in the world; an irrational pursuit of service, quality and convenience.

We’d like to hear from you about the 2017 successes or challenges your organization faces!  The first five comments (made below) we receive will receive a free
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What we do

With each tailored Ace Center For Excellence event, our speakers talk from success not about success and bring to life Ace Hardware’s culture of customer service. As we move into year three, our keynote speakers and workshop facilitators are poised to help you morph, modify and translate your business. Our goal is to help galvanize your teams to take up your weapon in the world and protect your brand promise.

Read some of the most recent client feedback.

Our 2017 team includes:

  • John Venhuizen, President & CEO, Ace Hardware Corporation
  • John Surane, Executive VP of Merchandising, Retail Operations, Business to Business, and Wholesale Holdings
  • Kane Calamari, VP, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Communications, Ace Foundation and Customer Care
  • Tom Knox, President and CEO, Westlake Ace Hardware
  • Gina Schaefer, Founder and CEO of 11 Ace Hardware stores
  • Art Friedman, Managing Director of Retail Operations for 21 store Ace Hardware chain and International Trainer
  • Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware’s resident Home Expert and Ace Store Owner

The Ace Center For Excellence is positioned to help. Contact the Ace Center For Excellence or refer a business partner to us today.

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