Why should you hire the Ace Center for Excellence?

Ace Hardware has a tradition of Customer Service excellence since 1924. We compete successfully against the giants of retail in almost every market we serve. We win at retail with our people. The people in our stores who interact with our customers on a daily basis are the main differentiator for our success. J.D. Power has selected Ace Hardware as the BEST at Customer Service in our industry for the last 11 years. Shep Hyken, author and customer service expert, selected Ace Hardware as his retailer of choice for his new book Amaze Every Customer Every Time. Ace Hardware has a winning success formula for Customer Service. We will empower you to take what you learn, adapt to your business and AMAZE your customers.

What will the participants come away with on a facilitated workshop?

There are two types of workshop offerings. Leadership Lessons and Amaze Every Customer Every Time. With both workshops, all workshop participants will follow the content discussion by using a participant guide developed for your business. For the Amaze workshop, this guide will be organized in a way that teaches how Ace Hardware succeeds with customer service. For the Leadership workshop, the guide will be organized in a way that teaches how to apply Ace’s proven leadership methods to your business. Each workshop also includes lessons on the foundation for developing a service culture or leadership skills.

Can the workshop content be customized to our company?

Yes, the focal point of the content for the workshop you select will remain customer service or leadership. The examples and priorities can be customized to meet your needs.

How do we sustain the training?

We will give you a choice on how to sustain the training you receive. This will start with a leader in your company who will keep the “fire” burning in all of your participants. The follow-up from the Ace Center for Excellence can be telephone or webinar communication. In either of these methods, the follow-up will include focused conversations , review of portions of the content from the workshop, discussions on how you can use the tactics you receive for your business and new tactics to help you develop or improve your Culture of service in your business. There is a small fee for this follow-up.

I’m a small business owner; will the Ace Center for Excellence work for me?

The content delivered by our professional speakers and facilitators will work for any business that is serious about delivering AMAZING service to their customers. In a small business it is highly recommended the owner participate in all workshops for best results.

How do we know when a keynote speaker will be available?

Please call (630) 990-6634 so we can help identify possible dates for you.

How many participants will work best in the workshops?

Your organization can determine the appropriate number of participants for a workshop. You may choose a small room with an intimate group or multi-room workshops with a large group. Whichever you decide, we can provide the appropriate number of facilitators. Our rule of thumb is a minimum of one facilitator for every 25 participants.

Who is responsible for securing the conference location, setting up the correct room format, technology needs, meals, hotel arrangements, airline transportation, invites, recognition certificates, etc?

Ace Center for Excellence will schedule any airline travel needed for our team. We will ship all workshop materials two weeks before the training. The host company will complete all other activities to make the conference successful.

What is the compensation for the keynotes and the facilitated workshops?

Please call (630) 990-6634 to discuss options.

What payment schedule is expected?

Once a contract has been finalized, the first payment invoice for half of the agreed upon fee will be delivered with 30 days dating. Upon completion and collection of incidentals, the final invoice will be delivered with 30 days dating.