Five Questions to Help Share Your Vision

Many of the teams, associations and companies the Ace Center for Excellence speakers and workshop leaders collaborate with have reached a milestone on their path toward a future vision – the challenge of winning some hearts and minds.

Creating opportunities to learn from outside experience can help you meet the challenge. This helps reinforce leaders’ messages that, “it can be done,” with examples of how, “it has been done.” We’ve noticed clients who seem to have the most alignment around their vision, start collaborating with our keynote speakers or workshop leaders using a list of questions like this:
1. How does a neighborhood Ace Hardware store survive with such big competitors?
2. What examples can you share to help our team feel confident we’ll reach our goal?
3. Our members are proud of their local brand. How do Ace retailers maintain their local identity, while upholding the national brand standards?
4. How do culture and values contribute to performance?
5. Can you share examples of amazing customer service?

As you roll out a vision for your team, gather some outside perspectives. Find examples of other organizations or companies who were on a similar path. When teams learn what is possible, how it’s been done, and how they can contribute, they can start seeing eye-to-eye.

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