How To Be the Best Place to Buy

Emotionally engaged customers are the holy grail of any service-oriented organization. Our speakers have a lot to say to leaders on the topic, so we took a look at what they’ve suggested at recent keynotes and workshops and noticed a recurring bit of advice:

To be the best place to buy, be the best place to work.

Offering benefits and work perks, although very valuable, are like offering great products at a fair price. Your customers, or team members, can pretty easily find another place that offers the same thing.

To create an amazing place to work, make your team feel valued. Here are five ways:

  1. Recognize good behavior
  2. Share your vision
  3. Ask for their input
  4. Train them
  5. Trust them

Customers reward you with their business, loyalty and referrals if they feel cared for. If you want to take care of customers, make sure your team knows how important they are. It could be the one thing you offer that your competitors don’t.

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