Let’s think about…your purpose

As 2017 begins, you’re likely to face big challenges. You could be toe-to-toe with bigger, faster competitors, or changing consumer perceptions and buying habits. Maybe you’re working to stand out among the myriad of other choices customers or talented job candidates have.

To meet the challenge, business demands that you give your consumer what they want and most people want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

That’s where your business purpose comes in.

Of course, in business we keep score with money. But a meaningful business purpose can offer that “something bigger” your customers, and your team, are looking for.

Take Ace Hardware’s business purpose as an example. Our customers know us as the helpful place. That means our business isn’t about selling hardware. It’s about serving others.

Here’s how that was demonstrated by a store in Chattanooga, TN:

When the community was hit by a massive snowstorm, Steve Kelly, Director of Store Operations made sure all his stores stayed open. In fact, Steve, his store managers and associates spent the night in the stores to be ready when people in the community needed supplies to deal with the snow clearing and power outages. As he put it, it was about “being there for the community in a time of need.

While some may argue that a servant heart is the enemy of a profitable endeavor, we’d argue it’s about being part of something bigger.

With the New Year underway, take a fresh look ask yourself “What do we stand for beyond making money?”

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