Art Freedman

Art Freedman offers a passion for the customer experience and building an effective sales culture in any business.


Why select Art: “How is Art different from other trainers/speakers?”

  • Ace Hardware store owner for 25 years and a retailer for 46 years.
  • Internationally known conference speaker and trainer in over 30 countries.
  • Selected trainer for Ace Hardware International on the topics of Leadership,
  • Retail Finance, Margin Management, Category Management and Customer Service.
  • Content expert in all Customer Service training for Ace Hardware Corporation.
  • Managing Director of Retail Operations for 29 store chain of Ace Hardware stores.
  • All teachings are from “real world” application.

Why select Art: What distinguishes Art as a retail trainer?

  • Educated, inspired and mobilized thousands of retailers on how to make more money in
    their business.
  • Educated, inspired and mobilized thousands of business managers on how to lead a staff
    where servicing your Customer is priority one.
  • Author of the book, Making Money is Not, Illegal, Immoral or Fattening.
  • The ability to work with and relate to all levels of a business from the hourly staff to the
  • Being able to adapt training to the needs of clients in a variety of different countries where language or culture could be a barrier.
  • When retailers who I do not know, thank me, for making a difference in their business and lives.
  • The ability to develop content and facilitate to small or large groups of business associates in a way that is educational, inspirational, sustainable and fun. 


Art Freedman has been working with our Ace Hardware retailers all over the world for the last 15 years. Art has a unique style of delivery that engages his audience immediately. Art has been an active participant in the development of our current Customer Service training and is our Helpful Expert in all of our Customer Service video training.

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