Ace Center For Excellence Keynotes

Have an Ace Center For Excellence Speaker Present at Your Event!

We have a qualified team of professional keynote speakers ready to bring Ace Hardware’s culture to life for your business... in a way only individuals experienced with Ace Hardware’s long tradition of customer service can. They are skilled in tailoring Ace tried-and-true strategies to help your business become even more successful.

The Ace Center For Excellence keynote speakers share their industry experiences through engaging story-telling while providing a blueprint for how local family businesses can compete and win against big boxes and online retail.

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We offer 2 unique perspectives

Our corporate leaders who developed the plans and worked with Ace’s retailers to successfully deploy the plans at retail:

John Venhuizen
President and CEO of Ace Hardware Corporation
- Unbridled passion for leadership
- Uncanny ability to motivate

Tom Knox
Ace Hardware Westlake, CEO
- Excellence in leadership
- Strong organizational culture


John Surane
Ace Hardware Corporation, Executive VP
- Tenacious pursuit of excellence in marketing
- Merchandising to grow the brand.

Kane Calamari
Ace Hardware VP HR, OD & Communications
- Passion for giving back
- Organizational development


And we also offer the entrepreneurs who took up the challenge, led the charge and engaged their teams to deliver unparalleled customer service, quality and convenience in their organizations:

Gina Shaefer
Ace Retailer, 12-store chain
- Entrepreneurial spirit
- Differentiation
- Giving back

Art Freedman
Ace Retailer and Author
- Customer experience
- Building a sales culture


Lou Manfredini
Ace Retailer, two-store chain
- Ace Hardware’s Home Expert
- Entrepreneurial spirit