Ace Center For Excellence Keynotes

The Ace Center for Excellence offers facilitated workshops tailored to your business by bringing to life Ace Hardware’s culture of customer focus and leadership. Through the illustration of our best practices, you will learn how to adapt and apply these proven tools and tactics to your own environment. Attendees will leave each workshop with a list of Bright Ideas that will provide them with new tools to utilize in their roles.

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Amaze Every Customer Every Time

Are you looking to take your customer service to the next level? This workshop will provide you with a foundation of knowledge, skills and behaviors found in Ace Hardware’s award-winning culture of customer service to help you adopt and adapt these best practices to your business.

Providing amazing customer service is possible, and in this workshop you will learn new tools to help you provide amazing customer service. Leveraging the key principles of Leadership, Culture, One-On-One, The Competitive Edge, and Community, your company will learn our process for engaging customers and staff to improve your customer experience and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Leadership Lessons

“Leaders take people where they could not go on their own. They rally others toward a better future. A leader galvanizes people to want to do what must be done.” John Venhuizen

Have you ever wondered how best-in-class retailers…
• Become so innovative and grow at an amazing rate?
• Motivate and develop outstanding teams that get results?
• Develop their high performing people and produce so many new leaders?

Effective leadership is the key to growing every business. In this workshop, learn practical ways to grow your leadership skills through six leadership concepts that differentiate great leaders from lesser leaders. All concepts are related to key topics that will push you to consider what it will take to grow your leadership skills and business including: innovation, atrophy, motivation, and team and people development.