Taking an idea to the next level.


When you have an idea that’s gained traction – be it a business, product, or a vision for our team. How have you taken that idea to the next level?

  1. Thinking even bigger (stronger, broader, faster, cheaper).
  2. Thinking like a small business (better, focused, personalized, differentiated).

Thinking Even Bigger

The saying goes, “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” It suggests the attitude that sometimes drives entrepreneurs, team leaders and executives in pursuit of a big idea – roaring in, like a lion. If you recognized this approach, is it working? Are you celebrating long term, repeatable success? Is the culture of your organization strong? If positive answers to these questions aren’t readily available, try thinking smaller.

Thinking like a small business

The second approach is one that we hear most often from our Ace Center for Excellence speakers and clients as they’ve worked to unite members around a national brand, merge corporate cultures or strive to compete with larger companies. Here are a few examples of strategies they’ve used:

  • Celebrate uniqueness. If you’re selling a product or service, find what you can do that bigger, stronger competitors can’t, and pursue it. If you’re motivating a team to move in a common direction, let people and teams contribute their own unique skills and personalities.
  • Put the “unity” in “community. Create shared values for your team, especially if they encourage community service. Local businesses are amazing in their shared passion for serving their local community. As teams serve, it helps them connect with each other and their customer.
  • Tell your stories. When striving to provide a consistent customer experience, gather stories about how individuals delivered service with something extra. Then, find a way to share those stories with your members, owners, dealers or team members.

See what we’ve learned from our clients and speakers.

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