Who comes first: employees or customers?

Ace Center for Excellence

I can almost hear many of you shaking your heads and thinking the answer to this is a no-brainer. If you’re a customer service-focused organization – of course customers come first! And you would be right. For most of us, without customers, our businesses would not thrive.

But then again, I bet many of you would argue that, without engaged employees, you couldn’t provide the amazing customer-service that has your customers returning again and again.

So which should be our primary focus, the employee or the customer? Sounds a lot like the old chicken-and-egg question to me.

The truth is that employee engagement and customer engagement are intricately linked in an endless cycle. Think of it this way. When your employees’ aren’t engaged, they don’t provide an amazing customer experience. When your customers aren’t engaged, they don’t return to your store and your employees won’t have a job.

Without a doubt, we can all agree that making both employees and customers a priority is critical to your ongoing success. As leaders, we need to understand what motivates employees to go above and beyond to help us succeed. It also helps in understanding how to create an amazing customer experience for your customers.

To boil it down to the eggshell; without eggs there are no chickens and without chickens there are no eggs. Both are necessary and, honestly, it’s hard not to love both. Why not take the same approach to employees and customers in your business? And if you agree you need to do this, but just aren’t sure where to start, contact the Ace Center for Excellence today for more information.

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